Turkish Street Food Refined

The region of Istanbul and surrounding areas in present day Turkey is home to some of the most exciting street foods in the world. Located at the confluence of Europe and the Middle East, and being the inheritor of heritage and culture of the Ottoman Empire, the foods of this region are the original inspirations for some of the most ubiquitous dishes of today. Meatballs, kebabs, pizzas, yogurt and countless other ‘everyday’ dishes can trace significant influence from the Ottomans culture that dominated Southern and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and the Balkans for 400 years.

Today, we are pleased to bring to Olney some of the best known street foods of Istanbul, including the incredible doner kebab and the flavorful Pide’.

The Original Kebab!

Pizza with a Bold Taste!

The Go-To when Snack Attacks!

Always End on a High Note!